Caplan’s Stroke A Clinical Approach 5th edition
This updated, revised and expanded fifth edition of the market-leading clinical guide on stroke covers causes, prevention, clinical features, evaluation and management in a comprehensive yet accessible manner. While it retains the uniform organization, accessible style and patient-oriented focus of previous editions, its scope has been extended to cover the most recent research, providing a… (0 comment)

Physics In Radiation Oncology: Self Assessment Guide
The Common Core State Standards / Lissa A. Power-deFur — Language and communication expectations of the standards / Lissa A. Power-deFur — Analyzing students’ ability to meet the expectations of the standards / Lissa A. Power-deFur Students with communication disorders / Lissa A. Power-deFur — Students with autism spectrum disorder / Peggy C. Agee —… (0 comment)

Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery – 4 Volume Set – 2nd edition
Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery – 4 Volume Set – 2nd edition. Lavishly illustrated, comprehensive in scope, and easy to use The second edition of Operative Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery guides you to mastery of every surgical procedure you’re likely to perform – while also providing a thorough understanding of how to select the best… (0 comment)

Differentiating Surgical Instruments 2nd edition
Here’s a close-up look at more than 800 cutting, clamping, grasping, retracting, and other surgical instruments. Full-color photographs of the individual surgical instruments and their tips help you learn to distinguish among them. Thoroughly revised and updated, the 2nd Edition provides a more detailed analysis of the similarities and differences between instruments as well as… (0 comment)

Fundamentals of Pediatric Surgery 2nd edition
The previous edition of this book was based on a simple but essential philosophy: provide a practical and up-to-date resource for the practicing surgeon detailing the specific needs and special considerations surrounding the surgical care of children. The second edition of Fundamentals of Pediatric Surgery stays true to the philosophy of the original with several… (0 comment)

Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Diseases
The establishment of precise and reliable biomarker tests for the early stages of cardiovascular disease is of great importance and can be the cornerstone in the prevention of future cardiovascular disease (CVD). Furthermore, some biomarkers may provide important information concerning the pathogenesis of CVD or appear to be useful in risk stratification, in CVD diagnosis,… (0 comment)

Essentials of Postgraduate Cardiology 2019
Modern-day cardiology is a beast that is difficult to tame—current-day treatment protocols are based on outcomes of large randomized controlled trials that draw strength from complex statistical models (of which, I fear, most cardiologists know very little about). Interventional cardiology has continued its inexorable progress, conquering frontiers that would have been felt impossible to conquer… (0 comment)