100 Cases in Acute Medicine

Case 55 Drowsiness bordering on coma; Case 56 Anxiety with Graves’ disease; Case 57 Episodic anxiety and headache; Case 58 Shortness of breath in a returning traveller; Case 59 A fatigued college girl;

Case 60 Haematuria and flank pain; Case 61 Bradycardia and malaise; Case 62 Bleeding gums and nose; Case 63 Palpitations and shortness of breath Case 64 Petechial rash and loss of consciousness

Case 65 Wheeze and productive cough; Case 66 Wheeze and shortness of breath; Case 67 Coffee-ground vomiting; Case 68 Progressive dysphagia and muscle stiffness; Case 69 Respiratory distress and oedema; Case 70 Loss of pain sensation; Case 71 Shortness of breath in a returning traveller; Case 72 Confusion following a fall;

Case 73 Apparent adverse drug reaction; Case 74 Constipation with confusion; Case 75 Chest pain after exertion; Case 76 Fevers, weight loss and night sweats;

Case 77 Right-sided chest pain Abstract:

This book will teach students and junior doctors to recognize important conditions with an acute presentation, and to develop their diagnostic and management skills, in a format that encourages self-directed learning, clinical thinking and problem-solving

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