100 Cases in Radiology

A young man with progressive dyspnoea on exertion Pain on deep inspiration An elbow injury Pain in the hand following a punching injury A fall on the hand and pain in the wrist Shortness of breath and pleuritic chest pain A new arrival with cough and a fever

A chesty infant Difficulty in swallowing Pregnant woman with vomiting Infant with a head injury Abdominal distension in a woman with ovarian cancer A woman with a breast lump A rising creatinine Neck pain after falling A young man with back pain A child with an injury A renal tract abnormality Shooting leg pain following lifting A chronic productive cough General fatigue and weakness A cervical spine injury following a horse riding accident

Abdominal pain and diarrhoea in a 28-year-old woman Pain in the left wrist following a fall A known case of inflammatory bowel disease A tourist from New Zealand Spontaneous nose bleeds in a young person Abdominal weight gain and distension despite dieting Left mid zone crackles Traumatic injury to a farmer’s foot An accountant with abdominal pain

Pain in a lady with breast cancer Headache and visual field defects A claudicant with worsening leg pain Normal variant on a chest radiograph Flank pain and haematuria Patient with an intractable headache An unwell patient with a rash Chest wall swelling and a pleural effusion

Chest wall deformity in a pacemaker patient Sudden onset back pain in a 72-year-old woman Constipation and colicky abdominal pain An ankle injury

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