A Practical Manual to Labor and Delivery 2nd edition

Packed with the most up-to-date recommendations, this invaluable preparatory handbook is a trusted resource for all levels of providers that care for laboring patients. Gain confidence in managing patients from when they present to triage all the way through labor, delivery and the postpartum period.

Gives providers critical clinical algorithms for routine and emergency situations and procedures. Includes: detailed description of common obstetric procedures and examinations, evidence-based practice recommendations for labor management and pain control options, sample notes, orders, and operative dictations for cesarean section, multiple illustrations and treatment algorithms that clarify and explain details students and residents are most likely to encounter during obstetric rotations.

Written by an experienced maternal fetal medicine physician, this book fills practical knowledge gaps left by conventional textbooks. It provides comprehensive insights for labor management, including emergencies, and improves provider confidence resulting in better care of obstetric patients.

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