ACSAP: Book 3 Nutritional and GI Care

Preface:”Ambulatory Care Self-Assessment Program (ACSAP) begins its second 3-year series, we would like to take a moment to assess how the inaugural 2013–2015 series ful- filled its mission of providing evidence-based information to improve the practice skills of clinicians and enhance patient care in this setting.

The first ACSAP series released six books with a total of 19 learning modules comprising 63 chapters. The content of each book was designed by a volunteer faculty panel chair (guest editor) using topics drawn from the content outline developed by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties for the Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Specialty Certification Examination.

Each faculty panel chair then recruited author teams and content expert reviewers for each chapter. To ensure the appropriateness and relevance of content to the audience, each chapter was also reviewed by one or more generalist BCACP reviewers.

This year-long editorial process also required the efforts of dozens of other volunteers to pilot test the chapter material and self-assessment questions and to review ACSAP materials to ensure that they were free from commercial bias.

We learned that it takes an army of contributors committed to this specialty and the board certification process to produce a new recertification component for the BCACP.”

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