Sherazi and Zahid Notes USMLE Step 2 CS
The most dreaded of USMLE exams for IMGs, the Step 2 CS, is also one of the most integral parts of your application for residency. There are many reasons for why IMGs find this exam difficult, and this work helps allay one of this aspects, “What question should I be asking my patient?” We are… (0 comment)

Neeraj’s USMLE Step 2 CS Notes
  A Strategic Approach to Communication & Interpersonal skills The encounter in a USMLE CS examination is between a non-physician medical educator (SP: Standardized Patient) and an examinee, who may be a medical student or a physician. SPs are defined as “a simulated or real patient who has been taught to present a problem so… (0 comment)

Pathoma Notes by Dr. Awwad
Some people have asked me bout Pathoma Notes by Dr. Awwad for USMLE. He also wrote notes for all subject of Kaplan Videos. These are good materials for you when no having time or difficulty to see Kaplan Videos or Pathoma videos. And, today, the first Note I’m posting, Pathoma Notes by Dr. Awwad. Other… (0 comment)