Clinical Trials: A Practical Approach
Table of contents : Introduction: the rationale of clinical trials — The historical development of clinical trials — Organization and planning — The justification for randomized controlled trials — Methods of randomization Binding and placebos — Ethical issues — Crossover trials — The size of a clinical trial — Monitoring trial progress — Forms and
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Medical Statistics Made Easy 2nd edition
Medical Statistics Made Easy 2nd edition continues to provide the easiest possible explanations of the key statistical techniques used throughout the medical literature. Featuring a comprehensive updating of the Statistics at work section, this new edition retains a consistent, concise, and user-friendly format. Each technique is graded for ease of use and frequency of appearance
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Medical Statistics at a Glance 3rd Edition
Medical Statistics at a Glance is a concise and accessible introduction and revision aid for this complex subject. The self-contained chapters explain the underlying concepts of medical statistics and provide a guide to the most commonly used statistical procedures. This new edition of Medical Statistics at a Glance: Presents key facts accompanied by clear and informative tables
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Statistics at Square One 11th edition
The new edition of this international bestseller continues to throw light on the world of statistics for health care professionals and medical students. Revised throughout, the 11th edition features new material in the areas of relative risk, absolute risk and numbers needed to treat diagnostic tests, sensitivity, specificity, ROC curves free statistical software The popular
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Designing Clinical Research – 4th edition
Designing Clinical Research has been extensively revised and continues to set the standard as a practical guide for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health professionals involved in all forms of clinical, translational, and public health research. It presents advanced epidemiologic concepts in a reader friendly way, and suggests common sense approaches to the challenging judgments
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Guide to Clinical Documentation – 3rd edition
Understand the when, why, and how! Here’s your guide to developing the skills you need to master the increasing complex challenges of documenting patient care. Step by step, a straightforward ‘how-to’ approach teaches you how to write SOAP notes, document patient care in office and hospital settings, and write prescriptions. You’ll find a wealth of
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Oxford Handbook of Medical Statistics
Written in an easily accessible style, the Oxford Handbook of Medical Statistics provides doctors and medical students with a concise and thorough account of this often difficult subject. It promotes understanding and interpretation of statistical methods across a wide range of topics, from study design and sample size considerations, through and squared tests, to complex
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