Taylor’s Manual of Family Medicine 4th edition
Designed for today’s busy practitioner, Taylor’s Manual of Family Medicine, 4th Edition, provides practical, expert guidance for the issues you face daily in family practice and primary care. Easy to understand and clinically useful, this trusted manual has been thoroughly updated with the latest clinical information and evidence, including electronic resources. Whether you’re a physician… (0 comment)

Family Medicine Ambulatory Care and Prevention 6th edition
Formerly authored by Dr. Mark Mengel, Family Medicine: Ambulatory Care and Prevention delivers information on the most common complaints, problems, conditions, and diseases encountered by family medicine clinicians and other primary care providers who practice in an ambulatory setting. Evidence-based information and algorithms on diagnosis and treatment, including strength of recommendation ratings, is presented in… (0 comment)

Bratton’s Family Medicine Board Review 5th edition
Bratton’s Family Medicine Board Review – 5th edition. Prepare for your ABFM boards – find your weak spots and eliminate them now! Handy in print and as an eBook, Bratton’s Family Medicine Board Review is the essential practice test for those facing the ABFM exams. Opening with the basic requirements of the ABFM Board certification… (0 comment)

Medical Secrets 6th Edition 2019
For more than 30 years, the highly regarded Secrets Series has provided students and practitioners in all areas of health care with concise, focused, and engaging resources for quick reference and exam review. Medical Secrets, 6th Edition, features the Secrets’ popular question-and-answer format that also includes lists, tables, pearls, memory aids, and an easy-to-read style… (0 comment)

SOAP for Family Medicine
SOAP for Family Medicine features 90 clinical problems with each case presented in an easy to read 2-page layout. Each step presents information on how that case would likely be handled. Questions under each category teach the students important steps in clinical care. SOAP series is a unique resource that also provides a step-by-step guide… (0 comment)

MKSAP 17 General Internal Medicine
Preface In these pages, you will find updated information on routine care of the healthy patient; patient safety and quality improvement; professionalism and ethics; palliative care; common symptoms, including chronic pain, cough, dizziness, and insomnia; musculoskeletal pain; dyslipidemia; obesity; men’s and women’s health; eye, ear, nose, mouth, and throat disorders; mental and behavioral health; geriatric… (0 comment)

Churchill’s Pocketbooks General Practice
This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. It is a concise, easy-to-refer-to handbook of common conditions seen in general practice and how to treat them. Each condition is discussed in a standard way that will be familiar to most GPs – assessment, including history and examination, and management.… (0 comment)