Cardiovascular Disease Diet Nutrition and Emerging Risk Factors 2nd edition
Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is a major cause of early death and disability across the world. The major markers of risk—including high blood cholesterol, smoking, and obesity—are well known, but studies show that such markers do not account for all cardiovascular risk. Written by a team of renowned experts in the field, this comprehensive and accessible
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Hale Medications Mothers Milk 18th Edition
Written by a world-renowned expert in perinatal pharmacology, this essential reference contains current, complete, and evidence-based information on the transmission of maternal drugs into human milk. Because so many women ingest medications while breastfeeding, one of the most common questions encountered in pediatrics is: Which drugs are safe and which are hazardous for the infant?
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Nutrition in Clinical Practice 3rd edition
In nearly every level of treatment and counseling, care providers must take into account the effects of their patients’ diets. Nutrition in Clinical Practice is written to guide health professionals in providing well-informed, compassionate, and effective dietary and weight-management counseling. This fully updated 3rd edition is edited by a leading authority in nutrition and preventive
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Metabolic Regulation: A Human Perspective 3rd Edition
Preface of book: “In part through the increasing use of genetically-engineered mice, especially those that lack a particular gene, we have been led to a new appreciation of several metabolic pathways that we thought were well understood. Adipose tissue again provides a perfect example. Fat mobilization, when I wrote the second edition, was thought to
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Introduction to Nutrition and Metabolism 5th Edition
Table of contents : Content: Why eat? — Enzymes and metabolic pathways — The role of ATP in metabolism Digestion and absorption — Energy nutrition: the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats Diet and health: nutrition and chronic non-communicable diseases — Overweight and obesity — Protein-energy malnutrition: problems of undernutrition Protein nutrition and metabolism — The
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Nutrition in Pediatrics 5th Edition
In this two-volume text, Nutrition in Pediatrics 5th edition, the editors deliver a comprehensive and accessible approach to pediatric nutrition. The 5th edition continues the expansion of the section on pediatric obesity: epidemiology, pathophysiology, assessment, and treatment. It includes new chapters on celiac disease, food allergies, and iron. This edition provides expanded and updated chapters
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Wardlaw Contemporary Nutrition 11th edition 2019
Wardlaw’s Contemporary Nutrition is a complete and balanced resource for nutrition informationwritten at a level non-science majors can understand. Current research is at the core of theeleventh edition, with evidence-based science and new “Farm-to-Fork” and “Ask the RDN” features. The text provides students who lack a strong science background the idealbalance of reliable nutrition information
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