Nutrition at a Glance 2nd Edition
Nutrition at a Glance introduces key nutrition facts, such as the role of key nutrients in maintaining health, and addresses the concepts of nutrient metabolism, nutritional intake and what makes an adequate diet. It covers food safety, allergy and intolerance, GM foods, diet-related diseases and nutrigenomics. Nutrition at a Glance: Is superbly illustrated, with full colour
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ACSAP: Book 3 Nutritional and GI Care
Preface:”Ambulatory Care Self-Assessment Program (ACSAP) begins its second 3-year series, we would like to take a moment to assess how the inaugural 2013–2015 series ful- filled its mission of providing evidence-based information to improve the practice skills of clinicians and enhance patient care in this setting. The first ACSAP series released six books with a
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Nutrition In Kidney Disease 2nd Edition
Nutrition in Kidney Disease, Second Edition addresses the relationships between nutrition and (1) normal kidney function and disease, (2) the progressiveness of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and strategies to prevent further compromise, and (3) the treatment and management of kidney failure especially during medical crises, such as acute kidney injury and its consequent nutritional therapies
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Nutrition Therapy For Chronic Kidney Disease
This book presents variations in nutritional therapy through the five stages of chronic kidney disease. Chapters cover history of renal disease management and pathophysiology; electrolyte and acid-based disorders; acute renal disease; dialysis techniques; children/adolescents with chronic kidney disease; pregnancy with chronic kidney disease Bone and mineral disorders management; drug-nutrient/drug supplements; endocrine and lipid management; anemia
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Handbook of Nutrition and the Kidney
Thoroughly revised and updated for its Sixth Edition, this handbook is a practical, easily accessible guide to nutritional management of patients with acute and chronic renal diseases. Leading international experts present state-of-the-art information on these patients’ nutritional requirements and offer dietary recommendations, with menus and lists of supplements to enhance patient compliance. Numerous tables and
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