Clinical Wards Secrets: Questions You Will Be Asked

Finally, a book that answers the questions you have as you begin your clinical rotations. In the popular format of the Secrets Series, this book will help ease the transition from the classroom to the clinical wards. The popular Q&A format is an easy-to-use, didactic approach and covers all of the important procedures and processes you will need to know in the hospital, in the clinic, and on the ward. Throughout you will find valuable tips and secrets written by students and residents.

This student-to-student approach ensures you are getting the most current and accurate information.Uses bulleted lists, tables, short answers, and a highly detailed index to expedite reference. Provides tips and secrets from top-performing students and residents, ensuring relevance and practicality. Covers all of the information you will need to stay completely current and transition smoothly to the clinical setting.

Includes a list of the Top 100 Secrets to keep in mind during a rotation or residency. Makes information easier to find with a two-color page layout and Key Points boxes. Contains a glossary of common medical abbreviations and 3 new appendices; history taking, neurological exam, and miscellaneous, for even more complete coverage.

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