DAMS Harrison’s 19th Based-Note Book

DAMS Harrison’s 19th Based-Note Book – 1st edition


DAMS Harrison’s 19th Based-Note Book – 1st edition. Ever since its first edition in 1946, Harrison’s Principles of Medicine has been a companion and reference book for every medical student as well as practitioner. As far as the scenario of PG Medical Entrance exams is concerned, a lot of questions are often handpicked from Harrison. But often there is a time shortage to cover important topics from Harrison before the exam. As the title of the book suggest, it is my “NOTE BOOK” of “USEFUL ONELINERS, MOST COOMONS, IMPORTANT TABLES” and CHARTS based on HARRISON’S 19th edition that I have prepared after meticulous regarding of the book. However, this book is by no means a substitute for text book and is solely intended for the purpose of PG Entrance exam.

As somebody who has cleared the PG entrance exams recently, I am quite aware of the recent pattern of question for AIPGMEE, AIIMS&DNB. I have also included page number of “HIGH YIELDING TOPICS” from Harrison’s 19th edition for those student interested in further reading. I have tried my level best of make this simple but high yielding for all PG aspirants. Hope that this book will be an indispensable weapon for you to crack the entrance exam.

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