ECG Masters’ Collection: Favorite ECGs from Master Teachers Around the World 2018

Preface of book: “These books are not a simple collection of ECGs. They are, in fact, reports of clinical situations in which the ECG guides the diagnosis, signals the choice of the appropriate tests, and leads to the appropriate management.

The cases presented are not rare or unusual. They represent clinical settings that cardiologists and clinicians will encounter in their daily practice — and this, in my view, adds to the educational value of these books. I found it very interesting and enjoyable to read the ECG tracings put into their clinical context.

The field of cardiac arrhythmias has been enriched by the major advances made in the last four decades in better understanding tachycardia mechanisms due to the advent of intracardiac recordings, invasive clinical electrophysiology, ablation, and new mapping techniques.

The authors of the cases refer to these techniques to support their interpretation and document the concepts used in their interpretation, adding, when necessary, references and suggested reading.”

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  • I have read ECG Masters’ Collection the first edition and it was very good in Discussion and Interpretation .


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