Electrophysiology of the Neuron: An Interactive Tutorial

This manual and disk, available in IBM PC and Macintosh formats, accompanies Shepherd’s Neurobiology, 3/e. It can be used separately even though it is keyed to the textbook.

The 17 experiments investigate such areas as the resting membrane potential, action potential, voltage clamp, physiological properties of nerve cells, and synaptic potentials.

The program allows students to propagate the action potential, adjust various parameters and observe the effects on nerve cell firing.

Students will learn about equilibrium potentials and the effects of changing ion concentrations, as well as passive and active membrane properties.

Separate experiments analyze sodium ion and potassium ion currents, the voltage dependence of these currents, and sleep vs. waking in single neurons. Study questions are provided throughout.

This ingeniously-designed program will benefit all undergraduate students of neuroscience.

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