Evidence-Based Practice of Critical Care – 3rd edition

Evidence-Based Practice of Critical Care – 3rd edition

Approach any critical care challenge using a practical, consistent strategy based on best practices with Evidence-Based Practice of Critical Care, 3rd Edition. Unique, question-based chapters cover the wide variety of clinical options in critical care, examine the relevant research, and provide recommendations based on a thorough analysis of available evidence.

Covers a full range of critical care challenges, from routine care to complicated and special situations.
Helps you think through each question in a logical, efficient manner, using a practical, consistent approach to available management options and guidelines.

Features revised and updated information based on current research, and includes all-new cases on key topics and controversies such as the use/overuse of antibiotics, drug resistance in the ICU, non-invasive mechanical ventilation, frequency of transfusions, and duration of renal replacement therapies.

Provides numerous quick-reference tables that summarize the available literature and recommended clinical approaches.

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