Guide to US Residency

Good book for medical student want to become a residency in The US

“As you enter medical school, make a resume. That way you’ll know how much work you need to do in order to gear yourself up.

Your resume should not exceed two pages. First and second year of medical school is the best time to show your diversity. A good idea would be to join one of the organizations like Pakistan Medical Association, International Federation of Medical Students Association, KONPAL etc There are also some ethical committees in medical colleges.”

“Do whatever you can get your hand on. It will boost your confidence and take you a long way. Don’t just be book worms! Arrange fundraisers, write articles in newspapers, all of this can go on your resume.

Remember! You will be competing with the American medical students when you apply for residency; they enter medical school after getting a Bachelors degree – many of them are quite accomplished in terms of extracurricular activities.”

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