This is a good Notes made by a doctor after a long work hard. Lets use this notes for your study. Additional, I’ve introduced some Good Notes for USMLE as well, you can try with them. This is from the author: “First of all the it covers almost all the topics from uworld … Epidemiology… (0 comment)

Pathoma Notes by Dr. Awwad
Some people have asked me bout Pathoma Notes by Dr. Awwad for USMLE. He also wrote notes for all subject of Kaplan Videos. These are good materials for you when no having time or difficulty to see Kaplan Videos or Pathoma videos. And, today, the first Note I’m posting, Pathoma Notes by Dr. Awwad. Other… (0 comment)

Dr.Ali USMLE Uworld Notes
I will want every international medical graduate to understand that the process is extremely competitive They are competing against he best in other parts of the world and they have a lot of factors against them (e.g. old Year of graduation, visa status, attending a medical school outside the USA etc). The only factor they… (0 comment)