Manual of Diagnostic Ultrasound

Preface:”Diagnostic imaging is recognized as an important adjunct to clinical examination in the care of patients with many common illnesses.

Most such imaging will be by radiography (X-rays) or ultrasound. In pursuit of the World Health Organization’s goal of health for all, many of the examinations will be performed at the first referral level, where patients will be seen, referred from primary care or in need of emergency treatment WHO.

Many countries do not have sufficient radiologists or sonologists to provide skilled techniques and interpretation, and imaging may be requested, interpreted and often performed by medical officers with little or no speCialist training or experience.

This manual is one of several published by the World Health Organization to provide guidance on the use of diagnostic imaging by non -specialists.

The use of ultrasound is increasing rapidly worldwide; it is particularly important in obstetrics, but also provides useful information about the abdomen and soft tissues.

Because there is no ionizing radiation, ultrasound should be the preferred method of imaging whenever it can give useful clinical information.”

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