Principles of Pediatric & Neonatal Emergencies – 3rd edition

Principles of Pediatric & Neonatal Emergencies – 3rd edition

The book has been extensively revised and updated, to reflect the current standards of emergency care relevant to the needs of pediatricians working in developing countries. The present edition continues with its tradition of serving the needs of physicians involved in the immediate care of children and neonates with life-threatening illnesses.

This book continues to have the privilege of scholarly writings from illustrious authors, across the country. A number of chapters have been completely rewritten, including those on hematological disorders, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, neonatal surgical disorders, and ophthalmologic emergencies. We hope that this text shall continue to serve the needs of pediatricians, physicians, resident doctors, other trainees and be a part of all pediatric emergency units.

For the practitioners of pediatric care, emergencies in children and neonates are an inescapable fact in their daily routine. Better understanding of pathophysiology and drug metabolism and availability of newer investigative and diagnostic facilities have led to the creation of new frontiers in this important subject. Prompt recognition and appropriate management of these emergencies make the difference between life and death.

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