Priorities in Critical Care Nursing 7th Edition

Preface: “The book is comprised of nine major units, with two appendices. The chapter content of Unit One, Foundations of Critical Care Nursing, forms the basis of practice regardless of the physiologic alterations of the critically ill patient. Unit Two, Common Problems in Critical Care, examines potential critical care practice problems.

Unit Three, Cardiovascular Alterations, and Unit Four, Pulmonary Alterations, are each organized according to the three-chapter format of Clinical Assessment and Diagnostic Procedures, Disorders, and Therapeutic Management. Unit Five, Neurological Alterations; Unit Six, Renal Alterations; Unit Seven, Gastrointestinal Alterations; and Unit Eight, Endocrine Alterations, are each organized according to the two-chapter format of Clinical Assessment

Diagnostic Procedures and Disorders and Therapeutic Management. Unit Nine, Multisystem Alterations, addresses disorders that affect multiple body systems and necessitate discussion as a separate category: Trauma; Shock, Sepsis, and Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome; and Hematological Disorders and Oncological Emergencies.”

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