Self Assessment & Review OBSTETRICS 9th edition

All chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated.

The book has been divided into 5 sections:
Section 1: General Obstetrics
Section 2: Medical, Surgical and Gynaecological Illness Complicating Pregnancy
Section 3: Abnormal Labor
Section 4: Fetus
Section 5: Diagnosis in Obstetrics
Section 6: Recent Papers

Theory is present before the following chapters:
Pelvis and fetal skull
Placenta and amniotic fluid
Normal labor
Abortion and MTP
Trophoblastic diseases including choriocarcinoma
Antepartum haemorrhage
Postpartum haemorrhage, uterine inversion and shock
Anemia in pregnancy

Heart disease in pregnancy
Diabetes in thyroid pregnancy
Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy
Pregnancy in Rh-negative women
Infections in pregnancy
Gynaecological disorders in pregnancy
Fetus growth disorders
Fetal malformations

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