Snell Clinical Anatomy An Illustrated Review with Questions and Explanations

This book is written for medical, dental, allied health students, and nurses who are preparing for examinations. It is also for students during their clinical clerkships and for interns who require a quick review of basic clinical anatomy.

This edition has been modified to reflect the reduced amount of material required in modem curricula. No longer is anatomic detail described that cannot be used in relation to patients for the purpose of making diagnoses and instituting appropriate treatment. To further emphasize this theme, the review questions at the end of each chapter are increasingly centered around patients in a clinical setting.

The clinical anatomy has been presented in a condensed form with numerous simple diagrams, radiographs, CT scans, MRI studies, and sonograms. The extensive use of tables simplifies the learning of muscles and their actions and nerve supplies and assists in the memorization of the distribution of cranial and peripheral nerves.

To emphasize clinical relevance, short clinical notes are highlighted by the use of icons, and the notes are enclosed in a gray box. For a more extensive review, this book can be used in conjunction with the 7th edition of Clinical Anatomy.

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