Fundamentals of Pathology 2018 edition
USMLE STEP 1 AND MEDICAL COURSE REVIEW 218-page full-color Pathoma text. Integration of key concepts from associated disciplines. Over 300 often-tested, full-color images. 35+ hours of online videos covering the entire text. Completely written and taught by Dr. Sattar. Book Pathoma: 1 35 HOURS OF ONLINE VIDEO FREE DVD’s Full access to 35 hours of… (11 comments)

Pathoma Notes by Dr. Awwad
Some people have asked me bout Pathoma Notes by Dr. Awwad for USMLE. He also wrote notes for all subject of Kap Videos. These are good materials for you when no having time or difficulty to see Kap Videos or Pathoma videos. And, today, the first Note I’m posting, Pathoma Notes by Dr. Awwad. Other… (4 comments)

Fundamentals of Pathoma
  “Recommend that students use Fundamentals of Pathology during their medical courses, taking notes in the margin as pertinent topics are covered. When exam time comes around, these notes will likely be invaluable. For examination preparation, we suggest students read the material first, then listen to the online lecture, and then reread the material to… (2 comments)

Pathoma Lecture Notes 2017
Fundamentals of Pathology Pathoma PDF 2017 or just Pathoma is the most popular pathology review book among medical students in the United States and all around the world. According to the author of Pathoma, Husain A. Sattar, MD, this book is basically intended to serve as a review for medical students studying in their preclinical years and… (4 comments)