Textbook of Hepatology: From Basic Science to Clinical Practice FULL

THE encyclopedic guide to hepatology – for consultation by clinicians and basic scientistsPreviously the Oxford Textbook of Clinical Hepatology, this two-volume textbook is now with Blackwell Publishing.

It covers basic, clinical and translational science (converting basic science discoveries into the practical applications to benefit people).

Edited by ten leading experts in the liver and biliary tract and their diseases, along with outstanding contributions from over 200 international clinicians, this text has global references, evidence and extensive subject matter – giving you the best science and clinical practice discussed by the best authors.

It includes unique sections on:Symptoms and signs in liver disease Industrial diseases affecting the liver The effects of diseases of other systems on the liver

The effects of liver diseases on other systemsIt’s bigger and more extensive than other books and discusses new areas in more depth such as stem cells, genetics, genomics, proteomics, transplantation, mathematics and much more.Plus, it comes with a fully searchable CD ROM of the entire content.Click here to view a sample chapter on the liver and coagulation

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