The Successful Match 200 Rules to Succeed in the Residency Match

The Successful Match 200 Rules to Succeed in the Residency Match. What does it take to match into the specialty and program of your choice? Utilizing a unique combination of evidence-based advice and an insiders’ perspective, this book shows residency applicants how to develop the optimal strategy for success. Replacing the best-selling “Residency Match: 101 Biggest Mistakes And How To Avoid Them,” this new edition covers all aspects of the residency application – upgrading your credentials, writing high-impact personal statements, soliciting strong letters of recommendation, shining during interviews, and much more. An invaluable resource to help applicants gain that extra edge.
Inside, find the answers to the following questions:

* Who are the decision-makers and what do they care about? Chapter 2 summarizes the data, specific to each field, on the relative importance of USMLE scores, AOA status, number of honors grades, research experience, and other criteria.
* One study of recommendation letters found that key information, such as interpersonal communication skills and cognitive knowledge, was often lacking. What can you do to help your letter writers write the best possible letter?
* A survey of program directors was performed to determine the most important aspects of a personal statement. What were the three most important?
* In one study, 1/3 of applicants were actually ranked lower following the interview. Another study found that 14% of interviews resulted in unranked applicants. What can you do to avoid common interview pitfalls?* Do you know your competition? NRMP data from 2007 indicate that in competitive fields such as dermatology, orthopedic surgery, ENT, and radiation oncology, over 90% of applicants had participated in research.* Should you do an audition elective? How important is it? How can you excel during the elective?
* What are the three most important criteria used to select IMG applicants? What are the least important? In one study, 93% of decision-makers felt that letters of recommendation from non-U.S. faculty were worthless.
Featuring discussion of these issues and more, this book will provide you with specific, concrete recommendations that will maximize your chances of achieving the ultimate goal: that of a successful match.

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